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SAGRR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all-volunteer organization, whose Mission is to rescue and re-home adoptable Golden Retrievers in Southern Arizona in safe, loving homes; thereby improving the lives of both the dog and the adoptive family.

SAGRR was founded by a group of experienced volunteers in response to our belief that by limiting our territory, we can provide more individualized care to the dogs and families we work with.  In addition, we feel this approach promotes a sense of community while helping the local economy.

SAGRR provides a variety of after adoption opportunities to our members and volunteers.  These include continuing education on dog health and training, sponsoring snake training clinics, AKC Canine Good Citizen testing, social events, and even a book club, once again providing a community for you and your rescued dog.

SAGRR believes that this holistic approach to rescue results in the best lives for the dogs we rescue.


We offer a safe option  for owners who are forced to give up their dogs because of changing life circumstances such as relocation, financial hardship, divorce, allergies, illness, or death. We are able to give them an alternative to taking their pets to an animal shelter or humane society.  We also rescue abandoned, neglected, and even abused Golden Retrievers from shelters throughout Southern Arizona.


By limiting ourselves to one breed, we are better able to understand their needs, both physical and behaviorally.  Each breed  has been bred to have certain personality traits that are different although similar to  some other breeds (Goldens vs Labradors for example).  As a result  we can give more specific advice should you have questions about certain behaviors.  For example, many goldens are what we call “velcro” dogs, meaning they like to be right by you, following you from room to room.  Not everyone likes that habit, and should you be one of those people, we can look for a dog for you that demonstrates less of that trait, or help with behavior modification to lessen it.   In addition, each breed tends to have certain health issues and we are also aware of those, and can give you information on them.

Because we understand Goldens, we are able to help them and you through the re-homing process with fewer challenges.

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