A very pregnant Lucy arrives in rescue

Yes we have puppies.

PUPPIES, Yes we have puppies.  No, they don’t look like Goldens, but mom is. Many are spoken for from our wait list but a few are still available, so if you live in Southern AZ (south of Casa Grande) and are interested, contact placement@sagrr.org asap.

I’m Woody, named after the guy in Toy Story so I’m in charge. When we were born, our mom was surprised to see us too. Apparently golden retrievers are usually the color of mom and we take after dad. And good chance some of us have different dads too (this is a scientific fact). One guess is black lab, another is shepherd and mom isn’t talking.  A few of us have shorter coats, but we’re all fluffy. We are also all adorable, well socialized, have met a cat, been to the vet, and a few show-offs even know what a doggie door is.  We’ve been having a lot of fun playing with each other, but we are about ready to start our lives with our new forever homes. Just yesterday a few of us learned how to get out of the pen we were in. Someone said that meant we are smart. We are really good at eating, sleeping and playing right now and looking for new challenges, like something called a leash. Mom say’s we will love walks, she does. We know there are lots of people who would like to have one of us and some of you have already talked to the folks at SAGRR, but since there are so many of us – 12, 7 boys and 5 girls – a couple more families will be getting lucky. If you would like to have one of us join your family and aren’t already in line, contact placement@sagrr.org right away.

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