Woo hoo, I am a 1 year old boy with soooooooo much energy and I need a way to use it all up. My name is Bear but I’m more of the Teddy Bear variety, always ready for a cuddle but also always ready for a run. I’m housebroken but you have to keep soft things away from me or I will shred them. I love the water, I love car rides, I love people, I love to go to the dog park, I just plain love life. But I have a few tricks up my sleeve too. One is grabbing socks, towels or anything else soft and playing keep away with my mom, another is jumping over the 2 foot wall and waiting for her to chase me. And then there is my size, I’m a big boy and almost outweigh her. So, I am needing a place to live with lots of activity, another big young dog to play with, kids who are big enough I won’t squash them or someone who likes to run marathons. If you are a high energy family contact