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Looking for a middle aged (7) girl who has plenty of pep, is housebroken, walks well on a leash and is quite cuddly. Then I am your girl. I’m Belle and I am very bummed. My dad had to get a new job – and he’s moving. He couldn’t find a place where I could live with him so I need a new home.  I have had several homes and I really would like one where I can stay FOREVER. Somewhere along the line my tail was amputated so I can’t wag it but I will wiggle all over for you.  I’m ok with kids, specially older ones, and big dogs. Cats probably not. A home where I was the only dog would be just fine too. My foster says I’m the perfect guest and they are very nice but I would like my stay here to be short. If you want a loving best friend, that would be me. Contact

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