Well my life has definitely changed recently. I found myself at the county shelter in a kennel with two rather grumpy dogs when a nice lady came to see me and told the shelter staff, we will take her. She told me my name was going to be Beth. Soon I was out of that kennel and in a car on my way to a foster home where there is a friendly, gigantic white golden for me to play with. The shelter said I was just a pup but although I’m still young – about 3, I am definitely not a pup so I won’t be growing up to be as big as golden I’m visiting. I am housebroken, get along with dogs, cats are unknown and I would likely be ok with older – middle school age – kids. I’m very friendly and at the moment really skinny – all my bones show, but I’m telling you they have good food here and I am getting plenty of it so I won’t be skinny long. I ride well in a car and did good at the vets too – I pretty much like everyone. I’m certainly not all golden and I’m on the small side, but I do have a golden personality. Want to know more about me? Contact