Hi everyone, I’ve been staying with a really nice foster and playing with his dogs and eating – yummmm. I was really skinny when I got here, not so much now, but I could still use a few pounds. Now I’m ready to go to something called a forever home – I haven’t ever had one of those and it sounds really good to me.  I’m Bingo – 4 years old and I get along good with other dogs who are also friendly. Older kids are ok, but I have never met a cat yet. I might like to chase them cause I was on the street for a while. I know how to live in a house though and even how to use a doggie door. I do have a medical issue that I take pills for but it doesn’t bother me and I’m good about taking my pills. I well behaved in general but don’t let that fool you, I have energy and love to play.  Contact to find out all about me.