Here I am, the dog of your dreams. I’m a young boy golden retriever, – about a year and I need a home. Somehow I found myself alone outside in a strange place and my collar was missing and I didn’t have a chip whatever that is. So I had to go to a place with lots of dogs who were waiting for their families. Mine didn’t come and I would like to have a family who doesn’t lose things – like their dog. A nice lady there named me Briar and helped me get shots and stuff that apparently all dogs are supposed to have.

Now I’m at a foster home with two cool dogs, one likes to play as much as I do so that is totally great. I’m going on walks and everyone says I’m smart and very willing to learn. I’m pretty much housebroken and crate trained. I’m also adorable, cuddly and I need to learn all about the world – I haven’t seen much yet. If you are willing to teach me – I promise to learn and be just the kind of dog you would like to have. Somebody said I was a blank slate whatever that is – these humans say funny things.

So if you are a person or family who would like to set off on this journey to adulthood with me and help me be all I can – contact

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