My name is Buddy and I have just had the most wonderful experience. I have been living outside for a while now and it was pretty doggone hot in this fur coat. I tried to cool off by standing on the pool steps and that helped a little. Then one day, I went for a car ride (I like those) and wound up at another house where they let me live inside. These people are fosters and I’m not sure what that means, but to me it means being cool. They are really nice too, and they said the rescue would find me a forever home where I can always be inside. That’s why I’m smiling in these pictures. I even went to a spa and got a bath and a trim.

I’m looking forward to that forever home – I ride well in the car, I am good in the house, leash walking could be better but I am so willing to learn. I get along with cats and some dogs – I don’t like dogs who run up and bark at me. I’ve also lived with older kids and they are a lot of fun. Oh my age? I’m almost 7 and I hear that’s a lucky number. Well it was lucky for me. If you have a cool forever home looking for a sweet boy like me – contact placement@sagrr.org.

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