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My name is Buddy and someone told me that was a real common name for goldens so I should tell you I’m not one of those other ones that’s been looking for a home. I’m 6 years old and things were going fine for a long time for me, then some stuff changed and my mom went back to work. When it started storming I got scared in the house and messed up a few things. That’s when I moved to the yard. That was fun for a while, but I got bored cause I was left all day and I learned how to get under the fence. So here I am looking for a new home. I need a family that doesn’t go to work every day and will be in the yard with me when I go out and I will be just fine. I get along with children, dogs & cats and just look at me, I’m one handsome boy. So if that sounds like your home, contact placement@sagrr.org.

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