Bet you’re surprised to see me here among all these blondes and redheads. I am however part golden and  I look just like a flatcoat retriever and everyone thinks I’m pretty darn cute. My littermates have been adopted but I’ve been with my foster family  who has taught me all sorts of things and now I’m ready to go. My name is Cinders and I’m about 5 months old. I don’t like to brag but I know a lot of things already. For instance I am almost completely housebroken (it’s been weeks since I had an accident), I know sit, down and wait pretty good. Come – well we’re working on that one. I walk well although fast, on a leash and  I’m good with other dogs but I play hard (after all I am a puppy). Another young dog to play with would be wonderful. If you would like to have a more unique retriever, and like puppies, contact to find out more about me.

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