Hi folks. I’m Dazie and I bet when you saw my photo you wondered how much golden I have in my ancestry. Well, the truth is, no one knows, but my old family said I was a golden – they had been told that by the shelter. The one part of me that is definitely like a golden retriever is my personality. I am sweet, easy going, and get along with everyone I have met, both people and dogs. Cats are unknown, but I sure like to chase rabbits Once my hair grows back in – I got a buzz cut cause my old family didn’t like all my long hair and thought I’d be cooler without it – I will look more golden. In the meantime, I walk well on a leash, like car rides, behave at the vets, and am housebroken. I can be left alone too. I would like a home with another dog in it but that’s not a deal breaker. Oh and I’m about 8 years old, so, I’m also sensible. If you are looking for an “easy” dog – that’s me. Contact placement@sagrr.org to learn all about me.

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