Duke here – I’m young (about a year),red and I am looking for a home.
Somehow I wound up as a stray and the nice rescue people promised me a home
that would take better care and not let me get lost again. I’m playful of
course, I’m a young golden, but I am incredibly sweet and calm – for my age.
I would like to get on furniture if allowed (not allowed at the home I’m at
so I’m learning), walking on a leash is getting better and I like to ride in
golf carts to the private dog park. Of course I’m good with other dogs, and
my housebreaking is almost there. Cats are an unknown, and no little kids,
but bigger ones who I wouldn’t knock down are good. With more training I am
going to be the dog of  your dreams. Contact placement@sagrr.org to find out

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