I went for a walk one day and wound up at the shelter. It was an incredibly scary time for me  being scooped up and staying in a big tent with lots of other dogs barking and crying out for their families caused me to shut down. I didn’t move at all unless someone made me. Then a kind person from the rescue picked me up and took me to a foster home where they understand my fear. It’s been a few weeks and I am definitely better but new situations and men still scare me.  The good news is that storms don’t bother me. Someone said I needed a special forever home where the family would help me overcome all the trauma I had. No children please, a nice quiet place and dogs or cats to be with. I am incredibly sweet, just got a bad start and will be a work in process for a while.  As you can see, I am gorgeous, only about a year old and housebroken. Contact if you think you might be my special people.

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