Gee Gee

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Do you like a dog who loves attention? Well that’s me. I am known as GeeGee. I’m housebroken and not too bad on a leash. I do like to ride in the car and watch the world go by. I like my foster family (they are really good at petting me) and I’m working on something called basic commands. The pool doesn’t interest me, but people sure do. If you are really good at petting, scratching behind the ears and telling a dog how wonderful they are, then you might be just what I’m looking for.

Well I went to see a vet and my secret is out. Even though I look and act like a six year old, it turns out they could tell I am older. Nine is the estimate and only I know if that is correct. We girls never tell our age. I also am deaf and like many older dogs don’t see quite as well as I once did. However, my tail still works really good and I am a happy girl who would give you lots and lots of love. So if you aren’t into long hikes or want a dog who can appreciate American Idol along with you, I may be your perfect dog. Contact for more information about me.

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