My goodness but my life has changed quickly. A couple weeks ago I was out with all my buddies, hanging around, dumping trash cans and a nice lady offered to give me a home. Next thing I know I’m at a vets and then I had to wear a big ol’ thing on my head for a while – someone called it a cone – no idea what it was. Now I am visiting some other nice people called fosters and everyone keeps saying I’m going to get a forever home. Well, I’m ready, let’s get with it folks. I really like other dogs a lot, and I am pretty gentle so older kids would be good. Cats are an unknown. I am housebroken and the nice foster people are trying to learn how to walk on a strap attached to me, maybe they will learn soon, I keep trying to teach them. I’m pretty much a blank slate, but a sweet, lovable blank slate. I’m only about a year old and my name is Gordon. If you would like a sweet, slightly smaller boy who isn’t quite all golden, contact placement@sagrr.org