Honey’s puppies

Hi folks. Some of our brothers and sisters have gone to something called forever homes and we sure would like one of those too. At the moment we are calling ourselves the three amigos. We are every bit as cuddly, cute and healthy as the others and it was just something called chance that we are the ones left. Hank is a bit hefty, he likes to eat and he’s very fluffy, I’m Hattie the one in the middle and the only girl, so I’m in charge even if they are bigger than me. Then there is Howie the handsome. He likes to lay around and be petted and isn’t quite as fluffy as Hank and I are. Lots of people wondered who our dad is and the answer is only mom knows. But lots of people guess at german shepherd and one said maybe some St. Bernard in Hank cause he’s a big boy. Don’t be slow though cause lots of people will be wanting pups as sweet (like Honey our mom) and cute as we are.

When our mom and her humans found out we were coming, it was a bit of a surprise for them. But once they all saw us, it was love at first sight. There are 9 of us, 3 boys and 6 girls. Mom doesn’t talk about dad much but since we are sooooo cute, we figure he was a good lookin’ guy. We get our sweet dispositions from our mom. They even named her Honey cause she’s so sweet. Sadly, we can’t all stay together forever and we are looking for forever homes. Our mom told us that she had a different home before and it wasn’t a forever one so she wants us all to get the right kind from the beginning. Our personalities are coming out and we will be carefully matched so that you  and we, are all happy together. There are already a few people who are interested in having us join their family so get your application in right away. Contact placement@sagrr.org to find out more.