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Hi there folks, Joshua here. I wanted to let you know all about my recent adventures. I arrived at my foster home weighing 128 lbs and dragging one of my legs. My ACL was torn and I needed surgery but I was such a BIG boy, first I had to lose some weight. Well, I am now down to 88 (still have a few pounds to lose) and I have recently had surgery to repair my knee. Now I am getting ready for my rehab and I’m ready to find my forever home. I am housebroken, walk pretty good on a leash, get along with dogs, cats  and older kids. I won’t be a hiking dog, but I sure do like to go for walks, and retrieve balls. I’m going to learn to swim now too. I’m 7 now and I’m ready for this to be my best year ever. My middle name is SWEET, and once you meet me, you will want me. Contact

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