Hi folks, I have been having lots of adventures lately. First I was in a shelter and my family didn’t come – but a really nice lady picked me up just in time from there and called this rescue and now I’m in a foster home with another totally cool dog who likes to play just like me. I’m called Junior cause I look like another well known SAGRR dog and even act like him. And I need a forever home.

I like all the people I have met so far, I’m very friendly and sweet and I am good with other dogs. Cats are unknown. I would be good with older kids, I’m a bit too energetic for the little ones. So I’m about 50 lbs and there have been several guesses about my age but probably 3-4 years old. I will be going o the vet soon, maybe she can figure it out – we dogs don’t care much about that stuff. I’m really enjoying being in a house and learning about going outside at the appropriate times, I’m good on walks and I listen well as my fosters explain what the rules are here. I am the kind of dog who just wants to make you happy – once I understand what you want. Someone said I was a project – but an easy one. So if you would like a really fun, friendly, happy dog who just need a bit of polishing – here I am – contact placement@sagrr.org.

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