Oh you caught me taking a nap. Hello, I’m Liberty and just cause I’m laying down right now, don’t let that fool you. I am a young, active boy. Pretty good looking too. I’m 2 years old and I need a home. Somehow I ended up at the shelter and I’m living with a foster family. They have a couple cool dogs who I like but now that I’ve been “fixed” (don’t let anyone do that to you btw) I’m looking for a forever home. Cats are probably not a good option in a home for me as I chase bunnies a lot in the big yard here. Riding in a car is ok, but I would be ok as a homebody too., as long as I had people who wanted to scratch that spot behind my ears and a toybox full of toys to scatter around. I’m housebroken, and know basic stuff like sit and like my walks a lot. Sound like someone you would like to give a permanent home to? Contact

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