Pearl and I have been talking and we just can’t figure out why we are still with our fosters. They are wonderful people but we have to share them with two boy dogs and we would really like a forever home of our own.

Both of us have been working out, walking, chasing balls and watching our diets and we are turning into a pair of dogs that will have people turning their heads as they see us go by. Yes, in addition to being sweet, mellow, well behaved and having good manners, we are good looking, oh and humble too.

The only thing we can think of is that all you people don’t know how wonderful it can be to have a pair of dogs at one time. We really aren’t much more work, maybe more brushing of our luxurious coats, and one more dog bed but that’s about it. We have been best friends our entire lives and really can’t be separated, but just think of all the extra love we can give you. Our adoption fee is even reduced so we can stay together.

You know you want us, so please contact or (520) 792-4653 to learn more.

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