I am Lulu and they should call me Lucky Lulu. I have been living outside for quite a while now (being a dog I don’t know how many years), and then one day, a nice person came and took me for a ride. She explained that I was her foster and that after going to the vet (where I hadn’t been for a long time) I would stay with her for a while and then go to a forever home. I thought my forever home was going to be a backyard. Yippeee. Now I am in an air conditioned house, my foster also took me to the groomer – boy did I need a bath – and I have another dog to play with. He’s a nice older dog just like me. I even get to go on walks every day. Life is looking up. I didn’t know what a rescue was but turns out it is something really good. So now I am ready for that forever home. I’m good with dogs, kids, like to ride in the car, still remembered my housebreaking and walk well on a leash. Yes, I’m a little older – 11 or 12 was my old families best guess, but I am in good health and looking for love. Contact

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