Here I am – ready to start a new life. When I arrived at my foster home a couple days before year end, I was not sure what was happening but I met two other great retrievers there who assured me that I was safe and now I am all settled in and ready for my next step. I will be 4 years old in April and I am a beautiful boy. I do not know all the things you might expect because of my past, living in a puppy mill but I learn quickly. To show you how smart I am, I am housebroken and doggie door trained now. Just apply some time, training and patience and I will be the dog everyone wants. I’m pretty good at leash walking, need your help to enjoy my car rides and I am gentle with everyone I meet – I might be ok with a cat but definitely am fine with dogs and people. I’m now neutered and ready to move to your home where I can continue my transformation from unloved (I didn’t even have a name, only a number) to a wonderful life with you. Contact right away before someone else gets me.

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