Hi everyone, I am Mister and I am a not quite all golden boy who has a totally golden heart.  I went for a walk during a storm a couple weeks ago and then I couldn’t find my way home – I guess my family got lost too because they didn’t come to get me at the shelter. But – some really nice folks did and I am staying with them until someone – maybe you – promises to give me a forever home.  I’m definitely a senior but I am one of those “active” retirees and I am totally capable of accompanying you on your daily walk. I am good with other dogs, probably cats, am housebroken and good in the car (I can get in and out by myself too). I’d like to get on your couch but if you say no – I will respect that.  I’m a big lovable and easy going guy who likes to lean on you when you pet me. To find out all about me, contact placement@sagrr.org.

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