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Montgomery is a very long name for a pup so I go by Monty at my foster home. As you can see I had an injured leg and have had to go to the vet a lot of times, but it’s almost well now so I can start running and playing like the pup I am – about 8 months old. I was a stray when I got hurt so no one knows what happened but some nice folks took me to the shelter cause of my injury. And then I ended up at this house with two older goldens who are very nice but don’t want to play as much as I do. I’m finally ready to start meeting some forever families. You will need to understand I need to be trained, but I am very sweet and pretty mellow – for a pup. I’ve been working on my housebreaking and I like to ride in the car too. So, if you want a youngster and would teach me all the things a dog needs to know, contact

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