Looking for a puppy?  We have them. These pups were rescued from a hoarding situation and they are ready for homes. Currently they are in foster as they meet lots and lots of people. They are great with other dogs as they lived with about 40 others of all ages. We aren’t quite sure what % their mix is but the other dogs were Retrievers, some golden, some Labrador and maybe a couple Flat Coats (or maybe those were golden/lab mixes)  Mom looked just like a flatcoat and so does Cinder the black boy with a bit of white trim. He and mom had long hair and we really don’t know how long the coat will be on Taffy (gold girl) and Brandy (gold boy). They are about (again, no one has any idea for sure) 10 weeks old and seem very healthy. They have had their first shots and of course SAGRR will be seeing that they get all their shots, spayed, neutered and microchipped. Adorable is how everyone who has seen them describes them and they are alert, smart and happy. If you can’t resist them, contact placement@sagrr.org

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