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Wow I have certainly had a lot of adventures. I had a nice dad who lived outside with me. That was a lot of fun, but he wanted me to have a real home so he gave me to a family who had three other dogs. That was also pretty cool, but one day they had to move and could only take three dogs – so I got left behind. Now I am living in something called a foster home with two other handsome boy dogs. I can’t imagine what I will do next but the nice rescue people said they would find a forever home for me where I could stay – well, forever. That does sound very nice.

I’m only about 2 and I am very sweet and gentle. I definitely get along with all kinds of dogs and I like kids too. Not sure about cats cause I’ve never lived with one of those. I seem to be housebroken and once you get me into the car I ride pretty well. I still need a boost to get in though. I definitely need some grooming and something called a diet. If you are one of those people who needs a forever dog, please look past the fact I’m not all golden. I am a golden in my heart and brain. Contact

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