My goodness my life has been very exciting lately. My mom put me on something called Craigs List and the next thing you know I was in a car taking the longest ride I’d ever had in my 5 years of life to live with a stranger. I was very afraid and wouldn’t eat or drink or go outside to do my business so he called the nice rescue people I’m now with. Things got much better then, although I got to take another car ride and meet someone called a vet – I had never been to one before. I need to lose a bunch of weight too, they feed me strange food called green beans and tell me they’re good for me.  But all the people I met have been very kind and patient, just what I need.  I’m really not a bad dog, but I am timid, especially of loud noises and I was horribly matted and smelly. I also met a person called a groomer – she was nice too. It will take me a while to truly trust you, warm up and become the wonderful golden that I am. I get along well with other dogs, cats and kids are unknown. If you are kind, patient, know where to buy green beans and need a friend, contact

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