Wow, I just got a makeover – look at my photos from before and after. I must admit I needed one because I was all matted and they assure me my lovely dark red coat will soon be back. It was nice to be pampered, I haven’t had much of that lately. I have had a lot of food though so now without my hair it is obvious I need to go on a bit of a diet. Apparently my makeover is continuing.

But that’s all surface stuff – my temperament is all golden, I’m friendly, sweet, gentle and like to ride in a car. I’m also good with dogs, cats, kids and oh yeah groomers haha. In fact I’m pretty much perfect except for monsoon season. Even then, unless it’s actually storming I’m well behaved.
But the storms scare me. If you can just be home with me when it’s storming, I’m fine and the nice rescue people said they were going to try a few things, one called a thundershirt, to help me with my fear. If you want an easy, older dog and have a flexible schedule so you can stay home with me a few times a year – I will love you forever. Contact to find out more about me.