Hi folks, I’m a young boy, about a year or two old,  who needs a home.  As you can see from my photos the last place I lived didn’t take very good care of me – I was really matted so some nice folks at the shelter gave me a haircut – but don’t worry, it will grow back. My name is Slim,and I love to eat, so just make sure I have food and before long I will look like the other dogs I’m living with right now, they told me I was a foster. Not sure what that means, but if it means food and love, I’m all for it. I am truly a sweet, quiet, guy. I’ve seen way too much for my short life and I just want a home like this of my very own. I ride ok in a car and I’m learning about leashes and some basic stuff like sit. I’m housebroken and I get along with dogs, cats and kids are unknown right now. If you are looking for a sweet young guy who is willing to learn, Contact