Sean, Lute, and Rich

UPDATE: Sean and Lute are with their adoptive parents, but Rich is still available!

We are Sean, Lute, and Rich, and we are litter mates. For some reason we found ourselves loose without any humans to take care of us. Lucky for us someone saw us, called and we went to a place called a shelter. While we were there, we met a lot of other dogs who didn’t have homes either but they were fun to play with. Then a nice man came and took us for a ride – and we are now at different houses called fosters. We have new dogs to play with but we miss each other. We’re only 9months to 1 year old and we really need families who will be patient with us. We don’t walk on a leash or know any commands yet and our housebreaking is iffy. But we are just full of love and will soon adapt to families who will take their time and give us lots of love back. Contact to find out more about any of us.

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