My name is Taz and I am 5 years old. Obviously I am quite good looking and in addition to all that, I am good with other dogs of all sizes and easy going. Of course I’m housebroken and also crate trained. Riding in a car isn’t much fun for me cause I’ve always gone to the vet when I go for a ride. I used to walk good on a leash but need a refresher course. I do know sit and down too. My mom works really long hours and I would love to have a family who is around more and we can get out and go for walks, hiding, running, whatever.  I like to counter surf, but you can take that love of food and use it to teach me all sorts of things. So if you don’t mind spending some time, helping me enjoy riding in a car (I don’t get carsick just restless), remembering my leash manners and things like that, you will find me to be an awesome dog.  Contact placement@sagrr.org