I’m Tucker and I bet you already noticed – I’m a goldendoodle. I’m 5 years old and I am a BIG boy – about 90 lbs and not fat. My foster says I am great in the house, no accidents, quiet and calm.  I am very smart and know basic commands. I have lived with another dog and like them but I am very playful and with my size, little dogs probably aren’t a good idea unless they are used to big playful dogs. I have also lived with children and like them too – but again, big enough that I won’t accidently knock one down. I’m friendly and happy all the time. I need more training (available from SAGRR) on leash walking and would really like to have people who are around most of the time to live with.  If you have lots of room, a bit of time and a good sense of humor, you will love me. Contact placement@sagrr.org.

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