Hi everyone, as you probably noticed, I am not a golden retriever. However, I am a golden doodle and I need a new home. My family is moving far away and can’t take me with them, we’re all sad about it, but the rescue people promised I would get a wonderful new family. Im a boy, not quite a year old and I’m on the small side (my poodle side is miniature) so I weight about 30 lbs. I’m housebroken, ride ok in a car but still a bit nervous, good with kids, and other dogs, Cats are unknown. Of course, I am a puppy and both my breeds are known for being energetic. So I need a home where I will get lots of exercise, some training and more socialization. Someone said I’m a bit of a project, but all puppies are. If all this sounds like your dream dog, contact placement@sagrr.org.