I’m called Yeti, that wasn’t my old name but I got lost and my old family never came looking for me. So – here I am, about a year old and in need of a home. I do have some special requirements though. First is you have to know I am an escape artist – I like to think of it as an adventurous spirit. I’m also athletic. A 5 foot block wall is the minimum I need – and no doggie door. It would be best if I actually only went outside with you just to be safe for a while. I am housebroken, walk pretty well on a leash and know sit. I also ride well in a car and get along with dogs and people. I’m a no to cats and small animals in the house like guinea pigs and rabbits. I am beautiful as you can see and I respond very well to training. A typical golden, I really enjoy attention – and maybe that is how I became an adventurer, just looking for love. If you are special too, contact