Simply suggesting volunteering to some people can cause them to break out in hives, or perhaps you have had a less than optimum experience when you volunteered in the past.

At SAGRR we recognize that after the dogs themselves, you are our most valuable asset.  Without volunteers we simply could not continue to rescue, recuperate, and rehome our beloved Goldens and we value your contribution.

We have many volunteer options, and you will be helped to find the one that best fits yours skills, passions and availability.  There are positions that can be done from home in a couple hours a month, all the way up to almost full time work if you want to be involved in multiple projects.

There are three basic types of volunteer needs, Dog Related, Administrative, and PR/Fundraising.  Dog Related volunteering can involve shelter walking, fostering, intake, transporting, home visits, placement, coordinating with veterinarians, behavior help and following up with families to ensure a smooth transition for the dog.  Dog Related tasks generally are the most time critical.  If a dog is at a shelter, is ill, or the family giving it up has waited til the last minute, we need to act quickly.   Administrative help runs the gamut from membership, bookkeeping, microchip tracking, ordering supplies such as collars and leashes, making sure donations are acknowledged promptly  checking the phone line for messages, and many more.  They are generally positions that will work in nicely to your schedule if you work full time, have small children or other demands on your time, and require a smaller or more flexible time commitment.  PR/Fundraising volunteers will help with meet n greets, gift wrap, the golf tournament, and other rescue events such as Bark in the Park.  These are fun, you get to know many other members and the commitment is usually short term.

All these needs work together to form the beautiful picture of a dog taken from a life where it was no longer able to stay and placed into a new life where it will be loved, cared for and valued for the rest of its life.  Each piece in this puzzle works together and is of equal value in creating the final happy picture.

If you would like to be part of those happy faces and wagging tails, please contact us at  volunteer@sagrr.org  or call us at (520) 792 – GOLD (4653) to ask all the questions you want and get more information.